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A Balloon Bouquet simply means multiple balloons, individually strung & secured to one weight. They can be assembled using latex Latex, Foil and Bubble Balloons - or a mixture of your choice. Unless otherwise arranged we use our handmade weights as standard.

Latex Bouquets (Plain solid colours) start from:

3 Balloon Bouquets:   £7.95 

5 Balloon Bouquets:   £10.95

7 Balloon Bouquets:   £12.95

10 Balloon Bouquets: £16.95 

Foil, Bubble & Larger Bouquets:       £POA

Framed Giant Pillar - Latex Topper

Big Link Arch

Air Filled & Frameless

Balloon walls are uniquely designed and sized for your event. They are wonderful backdrops for stages, photographs, presentations, or key/feature areas and can also be used to divide rooms or create walkways.

Various accents can be incorporated in the walls, such as flowers, fabrics, letters, numbers, names, logos etc.

Balloons walls start from £POA

SOP Arch

Helium Filled

Big Garland Arch

Framed & Air Filled

or Helium Filled

Framed Giant Pillar - Foil Topper

Pillars & Columns are striking, large pieces of Décor - perfect for drawing attention, for use in spaces where Arches wont fit, or to bring something different to your event or celebration.

Pillars & Columns are assembled to your theme & requirements, and come in various, shapes, styles & sizes. Final prices depend on many factors, but as a guide prices start from:

Framed Giant Pillars - Latex Topper - £40 each / £75 per pair.

Framed Giant Pillars - Foil Topper -    £40 each / £75 per pair.

Floating Big Topper - Helium Filled -   £40 each / £75 per pair.

646 Column - Latex or Foil Toper -      £20 each / £35 per pair.

Link Column - Latex or Foil Topper -   £25 each / £45 per pair.

​​​Pillars and Columns

Quick Pick Package

Nothing says 'Over Here' like a striking Arch. These big pieces of Balloon Décor are perfect for enhancing your event, drawing attention and making a statement.

Arches come are  built to your theme, & are available in various styles and sizes theme. Most arches can be scaled down for table use. Final prices depend on may factors, but as a guide, prices start from:

Standard Quick Link Arch  -            £60.00

SOP Arch - Latex               -            £30.00

SOP Arch - Foil                  -            £40.00

Big Garland Arch - Air Filled      -    £100.00

Big Garland Arch - Helium Filled -  £180.00

Big Link Arch                      -           £125.00

Standard sized arches are approximately 3m x 3m


Floating Big Topper

Short on time or can't decide? 

Why not choose our Quick Pick Package? 

This package includes:

  • 6   x   3 Balloon Floor Standing Bouquets (11" latex)
  • 2   x   3 Balloon Table Bouquets (11" latex)
  • 2   x   5 Hanging Balloon Clusters - (11" latex)suitable for hanging at your entrance or using as extra room decor for example.
  • 20 x Scatter Latex or 4 extra Hanging Balloon Clusters 

Colour choices are available - so just let us know your preference or theme, if you have one, when ordering.

This Quick Pick Package is priced at £70.00

Delivery fees apply.

Quick Arch

Helium Filled

More coming soon..........

Décor Menu and Example Packages


646 Column

Balloon Bouquets

Wonderful Balloons - Delivered to your door!

Link Column

We understand the endless choices of Balloon Décor along with the colours, prints and themes can be a little over whelming - sometimes all you need is a starting point!

Here, you will find an example Décor Menu, outlining some examples of common décor pieces and their costings.

You will also find details of example package prices to help you get started.

​If you have any questions about the details on this menu, are looking for designs not listed, or for further help choosing and pricing your choice of balloons, please do not hesitate to contact us.

​Balloon Walls / Backdrops 

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